No job is too small. No job is too big.
We take pride in earning our clients' respect.

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London, Ontario

First to call in London, Ontario!

No job is too small. In my experience, I have noticed that there are many small jobs that people need, but they don’t know where to find someone responsible and reliable who will do small jobs. Let us be “first to call” for all your small job needs. 

No job is too big. Your house may need a whole new electrical system including a new service panel and replacement of all the wiring in your house. Its not easy to replace all of the wiring in your house, but it is do-able. There will be some repairs to walls and ceilings required after a re-wire, but it simply cannot be done without making some holes. We will do the minimum damage possible and if you want, we can do the wall repairs too.

As part of my business I find myself in many homes with vulnerable people such as single seniors. We are a legitimate business and we are insured and a member of the better business bureau. We do work for organizations that require workers to have a police record check before we can work for them. This is a good idea and gives peace of mind to those people who are unsure if the person coming into their house is legitimate and honest.

In another part of my career, I have been trusted and relied upon to run a maintenance department in a large car factory. I have always been fully responsible for all aspects of the jobs I did. Whether I did the work myself, or supervised others to do the work, I was the one trusted to get the job done right, safely, quickly and on budget.

For more than 30 years, I worked for the Ford Motor Company, where I built a strong reputation for my expertise in supervision, maintenance, & inspection of all trades work. I am trained in:

  • Welding inspection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Industrial electronics/PLC
  • Robotics controls
  • Standard relay logic
  • Workplace ergonomics

I have a strong background in controls programming and alterations to improve reliability, maintainability, and improved functionality of machinery. This results in increased productivity by eliminating repeat problems and formulating methods to prevent recurrence. This experience has given me insights into how to find faults and errors in electrical systems and this will benefit you when I come to find out why something is not working correctly in your house.

I am well known and respected in the electrical field, providing services for Industrial and commercial, in addition to my residential services.


Thanks for looking after Laurel. She was really happy with you .  Made me look good!

Ryan Gonyo Owner of "One Extra guy"

Randy can quickly size-up a job and troubleshoot difficult technical breakdowns. He has performed excellent modifications to many key facilities to safely produce a 70% improvement in efficiency.

I would highly recommend Randy to any employer.

Ron Umeri, Final Assembly Area Manager, St. Thomas Assembly Plant, Ford Motor Company

I recently had Randy Frise do electrical work and repairs at my residence. His manner and expertise were most professional, the place was very clean & tidy when he finished. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to my friends.

John Patten

[Randy] was forthright in discussing the work, pointing out the problems anticipated, suggesting what was required, and costs. He was punctual, effective, courteous, and neat. I would use his services again without hesitation.

Ed Meads

[Randy] came into my home and within a half an hour he had the problem solved.

Both my wife and myself were greatly impressed with his professional approach. I would highly recommend him.